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Dear Advocate,

Thank you for joining us and many others in Georgia working for a progressive vision of reproductive health and rights. “Voice Beyond Choice” Campaign is dependent upon your support. This Action Kit will help you to educate yourself and others, build support, and encourage your state elected officials to oppose several bills in Georgia’s state legislature that could seriously harm reproductive health.

The “Voice Beyond Choice” Campaign addresses and can be a useful tool to:

• Organize and educate interested and concerned individuals,
• Ensure access to the full range of reproductive services, and
• Advocate for an expanded vision of reproductive health and rights.

It is important to spread the word that the political actions challenging women’s heath rights will not stand. It has gone too far. We must act now and say --- “No more!” Fortunately, there are several ways to work for change and by using this Action Kit you’ll have the tools to advocate and lobby for women’s health. You’ll be joining many others across the state taking similar actions.


This Action Kit will help you…
• Raise public awareness and build support against anti-abortion legislation
• Work to defeat legislation that further restricts or limits access to the full range of reproductive health services.
• Support legislation that promotes a progressive vision of reproductive health and rights.
• Lobby your state elected legislators and officials regarding why the issue of reproductive health is important and urge them to make a commitment to vote against harmful legislation.

For more information and resources, go to Together, we can make a difference for the rights of people and families in Georgia. Please act now!



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