The Feminist Women's Health Center's Cliff Valley Clinic offers a supportive program specifically designed for women and families who have made the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy due to a fetal anomaly.

We understand that it an overwhelming experience for a family to receive the devastating news that their baby has a genetic or life-impairing condition. We have designed our Pregnancy Termination due to Fetal Anomaly Program to help women and families endure this very difficult time. Since 1977, the Feminist Women's Health Center has been nationally recognized for our excellence, safety, and compassion in abortion medicine. With our Fetal Anomaly Program, we recognize the need for additional counseling, emotional support, privacy, and coordination with the referring physician.

At the Feminist Women's Health Center, we see many women and couples who have this difficult problem. They were joyfully expecting a baby, wanted to have a baby, and made plans for their new baby only to find out that they face heartbreaking sorrow instead of happiness. Recognizing that this is a particularly devastating and heartbreaking decision, we offer our kindness and support. We are ready to guide families through this crisis safely with as much support as needed.

Our Fetal Anomaly Program includes the following extra services:

  • Specialized sensitive fetal anomaly support to help families cope with the various stages of the grieving process and different ways of honoring and remembering the baby.
  • Trained and sensitive staff who coordinate all aspects of medical and emotional care.
  • A private waiting area (when available) for the family and support persons.
  • A list of counseling and support referrals.
  • Coordination of arrangements for further genetic testing, if needed. (Note: Please have the referring doctor call us and arrange this prior to the appointment.)

Our physicians, nurses, and counselors are dedicated to not only providing excellent medical care, but also to honor the loss sustained by the family.

Call for information regarding our program: 404.728.7900 & Toll-Free: 800.877.6013