Kwajelyn Jackson
Feminist Women's Health Center
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Atlanta, GA—Monday, June 27, 2016— In a landmark decision, the highest court in the country has ruled to uphold women’s constitutional right to make decisions about their health, family and future. Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt case, allowing not just the existing abortion care facilities in Texas to stay open but paving the way for other clinics to open or reopen across the state.
Abortion providers and activists across the country have welcomed this decision since it will put an end to the current abortion access crisis that has been thus far endangering women across Texas.
“This progressive ruling will add momentum to the fight against similar sham laws in other states across the country. The message is clear -- politicians cannot deny women the right to their own bodies and health,” said Kwajelyn Jackson, FWHC’s Community Education & Advocacy Manager.   
With this momentous decision notwithstanding, the fight to protect abortion access is far from over. Today marks a hopeful new beginning in the ongoing battle to dismantle hundreds of medically unnecessary sham laws that threaten women’s constitutional rights. The Feminist Women’s Health Center will continue to stand with women and reproductive health care providers across the country in their fight for reproductive justice.
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