The Feminist Women’s Health Center prioritizes our advocacy agenda by focusing on public policies that relate to the Center's mission and services.

Our mission is to provide accessible, comprehensive gynecological healthcare to all who need it without judgment. As innovative healthcare leaders, we work collaboratively within our community and nationally to promote reproductive health, rights and justice. We advocate for wellness, uncensored health information and fair public policies by educating the larger community and empowering our clients to make their own decision.

Supporting reproductive health, rights, and justice . . . includes supporting the rights and abilities of a woman to become a parent as well as not to become a parent in accordance with her personal and family circumstances, income level, and conscience.

FWHC supports policies that enable and support all rights and options for all*:

  • To have a healthy pregnancy and to give birth to healthy children,
  • To prevent unintended pregnancy through contraception and sex education,
  • To choose adoption,
  • To have access to safe, legal abortions with compassion, dignity and respect, and
  • To have healthy and safe relationships and families.

In order to make all of the above policies meaningful for all, our legislative agenda supports a role for government that includes:

  • Removes regulatory obstacles to the rights and options listed above,
  • Protects people from interference of these rights or discrimination by private individuals and institutions, and
  • Provides enabling conditions necessary for the exercise of these right and options.

* These principles are based on the four guidelines from Center for American Progress in their paper “More than a Choice”, as informed by the substantial body of work from Sistersong and ACRJ.