FWHC collaborated with The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Organization for Men Against Sexism to create educational materials about Reproductive Coercion, a form of Intimate Partner Violence. This project made possible by a grant from Up the River Endeavors. 

Reproductive Coercion is the behavior used to pressure or coerce a woman into becoming pregnant or into continuing or ending a pregnancy against her will, through the use of manipulation, intimidation, threats, and/or actual acts of violence. Women victimized by reproductive coercion may not recognize that these behaviors as abusive, particularly if there is no history of physical or sexual violence in their relationship previously.

Reports show that women experiencing reproductive coercion by their intimate partners have an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy as a result of pregnancy pressure and birth control sabotage

Reproductive Coercion Toolkit

Exposing Reproductive Coercion: A toolkit for Awareness-Raising, Assessment, and Intervention, provides credible, unbiased information for women as well as individuals working in the domestic violence and reproductive health fields. 

Download the full 36 page Reproductive Coercion toolkit here.

Individual Information Sheets from the Exposing Reproductive Coercion toolkit:

Recognizing & Addressing Reproductive Coercion: A Guide for Women:

To order hardcopies of the toolkit ($5 donation for each to cover printing cost & shipping) and/or brochures (donation to cover shipping cost), please contact: Jaime Chandra at [email protected]


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