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Gail Cowie

Rick Horder in honor of Dr. Mary Horder

Abortion Clinics Online

Alla Raykin



Edie Cofrin

Carrie Cwiak

Staci Fox, Planned Parenthood Southeast

Peggy Reeves Foreman

Anne L. Harper, Ph.D.

Dianne Jones

Marjorie F. Knowles

Bill Polk

Peggy Reeves Foreman

Rosemary Robertson

Helen Swanson Winter

Anonymous Donor



Nancy Bramlett

Michal Hart Hillman

Carol Jackson

Langston Walker

Anonymous Donor



Becky Carr

Pam & Bill Duncan

Roger Friedman

Sarajane Love

Lynne A. Randall

Roger & Susan Rochat

Abby Rosenthal

Polly & Charlie Simpson

Janice Wittschiebe

Son Ah Yun

Mimi Zieman, MD and Jeffrey Allen, MD

Summit Medical Associates



Lisa R. Bliss

Nancy N. Boothe

Catherine Bradshaw

Jane Bradshaw Burnette

Ali P. Crown

Michael L. Dawson

Chris Caroll and Maria Helena Dolan

Sally Dorn

Francine Dykes

Lisa Haddad, MD, MS, MPH

Yamani Hernandez, National Network of Abortion Funds

Jennifer Hickey

Miwako L. Hirano

Ira Horowitz, MD

Paul Howard Weisshaar

Pat Hudgins

Mickey Gillmor, CNM & Henry Kahn, MD

Carolyn Kaplan, MD

Melissa Lee

Drs. Eva and Robert Moore

Alison Mawle

Shelley Serdahely

Susa & Andy Nahmias

Anne L. Olson

The Hon. Nan Orrock

Patti Owen-Smith, Ph.D.

Penn Payne

S. Janet Payne

Gigi Pedraza

Becky Rafter

Susan Sansom

Marianne Scharbo-Dehaan

Rachel Schonberger, MD

Rebecca Hoelting Short

Tina Stern, PhD

Jean F. Stroman

Dianne Valentin

Dr. Margaret L. Weber-Levine

Tiffany Worboy & Christian Deschenes

Janelle Yamarick

Beth & AJ

The Ben Marion Institute For Social Justice, Inc.

Anonymous Donor


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