At Feminist Women's Health Center, each woman has the freedom to individualize her healthcare by choosing the particular gynecology service that suits her wellness needs. After all, iIt’s your choice.


The Feminist Women’s Health Center’s Cliff Valley Clinic offers a supportive program specifically designed for early pregnancy loss or miscarriage.


Women choose different methods of birth control for different stages in their life. The various methods affect individual women differently. No one method is best for everyone.


You can obtain emergency birth control (also known as emergency contraception, the morning after pill, or Plan B) at the Feminist Women's Health Center with a quick phone call to let us know you're on your way to pick it up. It's safe, effective, and affordable. 


Our sensitive care for survivors of physical violence or trauma program seeks to address the specific physical and emotional needs of our clients by offering a unique program for survivors of violence to include domestic or gang violence, sexual assault, abuse, or incest.


Trans Health Initiative Atlanta

***We are currently not accepting new clients. ***

Feminist Health Center has offered sensitive, friendly, and affordable health care to transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex individuals since 2000. As of 2017, the Trans Health Initiative still provides healthcare to over 150 transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex clients from across the Southern states. It is our aim to ensure that care is sensitive, safe and affordable. We have heard multiple accounts of not always meeting the highest standards of care to trans clients accessing our services. We are working to address these gaps before we expand and re-open our services to new clients seeking hormone replacement therapy.

We will be ready to start taking new clients for testosterone hormone replacement therapy in June or later of 2018. Currently, all of our drop-in wellness, STI testing & treatment and HIV testing & counseling services are opent to Trans men, women, intersex clients and any gender non-conforming individuals who are seeking care.

We will continue to update our website, social media, community partners and trans community leaders and partners as details about the services, prices and schedules are confirmed. As soon as we are ready to start taking appointments for new HRT clients we will broadcast the message far and wide. We know there is a seroius lack of accessible and safe care. Our center is committed to providing a safe space and trans-affirmative environment for individuals interested in holistic wellness services. 


Trans-Friendly Resources in Atlanta

The THI program is dedicated to building community and making information more easily accessible. This is a list of Trans* resources in the Atlanta area to aid in your research. It has been compiled by Georgia Equality, Trans (forming), The Health Initiative and La Gender, Inc. This list should be seen as a starting point to connect with Trans* health care providers, support groups, and other organizations; the clinic is neither recommending these resources nor affiliated with those listed. This list is no where near exhaustive and we would love to add any additional resources, just email us! Download a PDF of Trans-friendly Resources in Atlanta.


Contact Us!

We are currently not accepting new clients for HRT. We strive to make all of our clinic services safe and welcoming for Trans, Intersex and Gender Non-conforming individuals. Please call our clinic to make an appointment for abortion care, birth control options, emergency contraception, HIV testing and counseling and STI testing and treatment:

Clinic: 404-728-7900

Email: m[email protected]

Facebook: THI.Atlanta



Our program currently specializes in services to trans masculine clients, but also offers services to trans feminine, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex clients. Our protocols are designed to reduce barriers to health care for Trans* individuals without compromising the quality of services we provide to all clients. As a nonprofit organization devoted to reproductive justice, we are able to offer services priced at affordable rates with sliding scale discounts for those who qualify.

Services for Trans Men

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for Trans Men: Facilitate positive changes in your gender presentation with testosterone management. We require an annual exam and t-panel to start HRT. Current records of annual exam and/or T-panel from another provider may be accepted to start Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We *do not* require therapy letters, however you must have had some real life experience (RLE) living in your chosen gender identity totaling one year or more. Note: After your results are received, our medical director will review your file and may request follow up lab work or procedures, confirmation of therapy, or further information. Not all clients qualify for hormone replacement therapy.
  • Annual Exam: lower exam with HPV testing & pre or post-surgical chest exam. Those who have had a complete hysterectomy or are under 21 may be exempt.
  • Lower Exams: we understand that this may be a stressful experience so we offer private rooms for you and your partner or friend, smaller sized instruments, a relaxant prior to the exam, and anesthesia in some cases.
  • Pre or post-surgical chest exam: Recommended annually for all individuals, especially those on hormone replacement therapy.
  • T-Panel: Lab work to test functions which may be affected by HRT to include Lipid Panel, Hepatic Panel, Complete Metabolic Panel, CBC, and Testosterone Level. Interested? Call us to schedule a Testosterone HRT Consultation. You’ll meet with a medical professional and the program coordinator to discuss your health history, the HRT process, and our consent form.
  • Surgical Clearance Lab Work and Letter: Tests ordered by your doctor prior to surgery and a letter from our physician clearing you for surgery.
  • Gender Marker Letter: Doctor certified letter to change your passport from female to male

Wellness Services for Trans Women, Non-Binary, and Intersex Clients

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing & Treatment: Lab work to test for various sexually transmitted infections. We provide treatment for all STDs/STIs except HIV.
  • Rapid HIV Tests: We provide necessary referrals for HIV treatment and/or counseling.
  • Wellness Lab Work: Tests to help monitor your health status. (We accept outside physician-ordered labs)
  • Pre or post-surgical chest exam: Recommended annually for all individuals, especially those on hormone replacement therapy.
  • Surgical Clearance Lab Work and Letter: Tests ordered by your doctor prior to surgery and a letter from our physician clearing you for surgery.
  • Gender Marker Letter: Doctor certified letter to change your passport from male to female
  • Referrals and Collaboration: We provide referrals to local Doctors and will collaborate on your continued care.
  • Other services: We are currently working to expand our services and other services may become available before this list is update. Please call and speak with a THI representative if you have any questions (404-728-7900).


More about the Trans Health Initiative:

Tailored Care

  • Collaboration: we want the experience to fit your needs. We solicit feedback about how we can improve our services.
  • Self-determined Process: we work with you to create a plan of care that meets your ideas about your transition.
  • Training & Self-reporting: our staff receives regular respect centered training and our forms are designed to address your unique history and health care needs.

Reducing Mistrust

All staff regularly receives training on using language respectful to the transgender community, critical to creating a space for open dialogue. Our health history and consents are designed with fill in the blanks and multiple options. All clients self-report their gender.

Dismantling Barriers

  • Sliding Scale Services: As a non-profit organization devoted to reproductive justice, we know that finances play a huge role in health care. We offer services at a reduced rate for clients who qualify.
  • Lab Testing for Out of Town Clients: We accept lab work and follow up care from other health care providers. We can also arrange lab testing in your home town if you do not have a primary physician.
  • Informed Consent: Therapist letters are not required to start HRT at our clinic. We will discuss testosterone therapy in depth, including the positive and negative health side effects. After the initial consultation, some clients may be asked to work with a therapist during their transition.
  • Resources: The clinic compiles local & nation-wide resources geared toward Trans* individuals.

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