The Feminist Women’s Health Center’s Cliff Valley Clinic offers a supportive program specifically designed for early pregnancy loss or miscarriage.

Our Miscarriage Clinical Care program is personalized for each client based on personal preferences, medical, and pregnancy history. Sometimes your provider will recommend a particular treatment if you have a significant medical history, but most of the time you may choose the option you most prefer.

We offer several miscarriage treatment options including: waiting for the tissue to naturally pass while monitoring progress, using medication to help the tissue pass, and surgical procedures to remove the tissue. These treatment options are safe and complications are rare, but some options are more likely than others to require more than one treatment. The various treatment options differ in the length of time it takes to completely pass the pregnancy depending on how far along the pregnancy was.

Ultrasound – As the uterus contracts and passes the tissue, ultrasound imaging can be used to confirm that all tissue has passed from the uterus successfully.

Blood Work – Some clients require blood work to monitor pregnancy (hCG) hormones to assure levels reduce over time. The first blood draw is to establish a baseline, and the second is to ensure the levels are doing down. Some clients may require more blood work as every situation is different.

Medication – The medication Misoprostol causes uterine contractions to pass the pregnancy and is successful about 85% of the time within 1 week of taking it. If ultrasound imaging shows that a measurable sac is still intact, the medication Mifeprex, which blocks progesterone, may be taken to help the pregnancy pass. Following Mifeprex, clients then take the misoprostol to pass the tissue. Heavy bleeding and painful cramping are normal with both processes. If the pregnancy does not pass, additional doses of Misoprostol or a surgical procedure may be needed. 

Surgical Procedure – Dilationand curettage (D&C) is a procedure that removes tissue from inside the uterus. Curettage is performed by a suction curettage (also called vacuum aspiration). Options for pain control are available for the procedure.



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