We make Parenthood Possible through Donor Insemination. Here's a brief intro on how.

What is Donor Insemination?

Donor insemination, also known as artificial insemination, is a procedure in which a thin catheter inserts a sperm sample into a woman’s uterus. DI utilizes the sperm of a male partner, a known donor, or a donor from a reputable sperm bank obtained by the client. This procedure offers a means of achieving pregnancy for many couples having difficulty conceiving, and is also an option for single women, or women in lesbian relationships.

Is Donor Insemination Safe?

Yes. A pregnancy resulting from DI carries no greater health risk than a pregnancy resulting from intercourse. Anonymous donors accepted by the sperm banks provide extensive family and personal medical histories, while undergoing comprehensive medical examinations and screenings for STDs, HIV antibodies, and a history of genetic disorders.

What Sets Us Apart?

The over-arching philosophy of our comprehensive fertility program is one that facilitates a progressive and inclusive environment. We are proud to provide a comprehensive program that includes:

  • An integrated approach of holistic and traditional medical perspectives 
  • Donor/Artificial Insemination Services
  • Individualized fertility consultations
  • Preconception health evaluations and counseling 
  • Weekend and holiday appointments, plus on-call availability of trained healthcare professionals
  • An environment supportive of alternative family-building options
  • Ultrasound assessment of ovulation, optimizing the potential for achieving pregnancy
  • Management of fertility medications
  • Ongoing treatment, planning, and medical advisement by a licensed gynecologist.

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