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Black Women's Wellness Programs

BWW centers Black women’s wellbeing and lived experiences by advocating for the holistic health and wellness of all Black women. The purpose of this program is to help equip us with more resources and tools to take ownership of our mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  The program aims to develop innovative ways to overcome large-scale disparities that disproportionately affect Black women through community involvement, advocacy and public policy. Our main service offerings include:

  • Workshops: We offer group facilitation and trainings on comprehensive sexual education, healthy relationships, LGBTQIA+ related issues, advocacy and reproductive rights. We take our trainings to college/university campuses, community health fairs and festivals and the DeKalb County Jail system.
  •        Leadership training: We provide leadership training and skill-building opportunities to inspire and encourage women to become leaders in their own lives and communities.
  •        Grassroots organizing/community collaborations: We partner with organizations that center Black women’s lived experiences; we volunteer, coordinate events, fundraise, etc.

How you can get involved

  •      Volunteer or Intern with us: Our volunteers and interns make us great! We’re always looking for community members who are dedicated and committed to developing and implementing programming that centers Black women. If you’re interested in volunteer or internship opportunities please complete applications found here on the website.
  •        Join our Black Women’s Wellness Advisory Committee: Our advisory committee is currently comprised of volunteers and interns. We meet once a month to plan activities and events for our community. To join the committee, please contact danielleg@feministcenter.org or call 404-248-5453.
  •        Attend our events