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We are so thankful to our incredible host committee members for their generous donations. Their ongoing support makes our work possible. Want to join the committee? It’s still not too late.  Join TODAY!

Coalition at the Capitol

Trailblazer: $5000 helps keeps the cost low for abortion care for 20 patients. In a state that has resisted expanding medicare and has some of the largest income inequality gap in the country, your contribution directly expands access to abortion to 20 patients.

Michele & James Young
Stand With Black Women – Planned Parenthood

Coalition at the Capitol

ADVOCATES: $2000 Ignites collaboration and unified action across advocates across the state. This sponsorship provides transportation, materials and support to help strengthen our statewide movement building. 

Gail Cowie
Christy Moore
Stephanie Davis
Shannon Cofrin Gaggero
Alla Raykin*
Carrie A. Cwiak

Woke Wednesdays with Feminist Women's Health Center

BENEFACTORS:$1000  Provides new safety vests, support and ongoing training for clinic escort volunteers. We regularly train escorts on all they need to keep our patients safe and dismantle the harmful effects power and privilege have on our movement and efforts. 

Susan Kupferberg & Richard Mitchell
Helen Swanson-Winter
Dabney Evans*
Staci Fox, Planned Parenthood Southeast
Smith & Lake LLC
Tamara Stevens

Coalition at the Capitol

CHAMPIONS: $750 funds sophisticated efforts to effectively challenge recent unconstitutional state-level abortion restrictions bills. 

Lynne Amy Randall
Langston Walker*
Michal Hart Hillman
Bill Polk*
Catherine Bradshaw
Summit Medical Associates

LLVI Sex Education workshop

DEFENDERS: $600 Funds culturally appropriate sex education for 30 Latinx youth for 1 semester at a local high school. These funds help our Lifting Latinx Voices Initiative program staff facilitate interactive workshops with students on sexual harassment, consent, reproductive health, sex education for a Latinx high school youth program. 

Lisa Haddad
Carolyn Kaplan, MD
Rebecca Williams
SisterSong Women of  Color Reproductive Justice Collective
Cherry Wongrakool, MD *
Jean Stroman
Amy Jewett
Polly & Charlie Simpson
NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia
Roger Rochat, MD
Gigi Pedraza*

ENTHUSIASTS: $300 funds our dream advocacy day enabling us to train the next generation of advocates with all the supplies we need. 

Angeline Ti MPH, MD
Karen Thurston
Zach Nikonovich-Kahn*
Nancy Boothe
Abby Rosenthal
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
Jen D. Rafanan*
Michael L. Dawson
Dianne Valentin
Becky Rafter
Access Reproductive Care Southeast
Kwajelyn Jackson
Wula Dawson
Margaret N Mermin
Shelley Serdahely
Anne Olson
Michelle Bennett
Jane Bradshaw Burnette, JD*
Patti Owen-Smith, Ph.D.
In Honor of Christine Lawley
Lisa Francavilla
Tracey Guinyard
Nesmith Family
Barbara Graves, Toni Hawkins & Charisse Youngblood
Sarajane Love
Francine Dykes
Sandra Michaels
In memory and in honor of Irving Penso
Anne Emanuel
Helen Allen
Greg Loughlin
Cindy Zeldin &; Doug Busk
Cynthia Pearson
Mickey Gillmor, CNM & Henry S. Kahn, MD
Rebecca Carr
Janice Wittschiebe