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Level Up for Reproductive Justice 2019

We are so excited to share that Feminist Women’s Health Center’s annual fundraiser is back! We can’t wait to see your faces and bring everyone together in one space to raise funds for Atlanta’s only locally based independent abortion and community program and advocacy organization. Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 6th 2019. We are so grateful for the overwhelming support from our donors and community these past weeks. Ticket sales to our event are now closed. If you would still like to support us, you can donate here. 

Level Up for Reproductive Justice

We’re bringing back our annual fundraiser event to gather our friends and together raise funds for compassionate abortion care and movement building efforts. This year’s LEVEL UP party will honor our Black Feminist History and Vision our Black Feminist Future. This year we will:

Honor three remarkable leaders for their contributions to Black feminist thought and reproductive justice: Dazon Diallo Dixon, Loretta Ross and Pearl Cleage;

Welcome our visionary Keynote Speaker, author and activist Charlene Carruthers who is charting a distinct path for a Black feminist future; and

Celebrate & refresh our spirits with YOU–our donors, activists and leaders powering the Reproductive Justice movement. 

We are so glad for the overwhelming support from our donors and community these past weeks. Ticket sales to our event are now closed. If you would still like to support us, you can donate here. 


As a Trailblazer you will receive 10 Tickets, be recognized at the event and listed on promotions. 

Discounted compassionate abortion care for 20 patients: 

$5000 helps keeps the cost low for abortion care for 20 patients. Last year over 5000 patients came to our clinic from 18 states and all over Georgia. Over half of those patients come from low income households, and 78% identify as people of color. Taking time off work, finding childcare and traveling long distances to receive an abortion is already a steep challenge for many. Help us grow the pot of funds for patients who can’t cover their costs and keep all our prices low. Each donation of $5000 allows for 20 patients to receive discounted care. In a state that has resisted expanding medicare and has some of the largest income inequality gap in the country, your contribution directly expands access to abortion to 20 patients.


As an Advocate you will receive 8 Tickets, be recognized at the event and listed on promotions. 

Rural Reproductive Justice Road Trip:

$2000 Ignites collaboration and unified action across advocates across the state. This sponsorship provides transportation, materials and support to help strengthen our statewide movement building. With these funds we can connect with new leaders and continue to expand and strengthen our coalition. These funds allow us to bring all of our 1 Errin J Vuley Fellows on 1 reproductive justice road trip. Allows leaders from beyond the suburban/Metro Atlanta to expand to connect with folks in other parts of the state: Macon, Milledgeville, Athens. Columbus; Savannah; Valdosta; and Augusta.  We know engaging more, collaborating with and helping to develop existing leaders in rural and underserved parts of our state will increase our Georgia reproductive health, rights and justice movements’ ability to win.


As a Benefactor you will receive 6 Tickets, be recognized at the event and listed on promotions. 

Clinic Compassionate Escort training and supplies:

$1000  Provides new safety vests, support and ongoing (monthly) training for clinic escort volunteers. We regularly train escorts on all they need to keep our patients safe and dismantle the harmful effects power and privilege have on our movement and efforts. Protestors are becoming more common outside our clinic so we bring more escorts on board on an ongoing basis. We need advocates fighting at the capitol, but we also need escorts to counteract the harassment and misinformation anti-abortion protesters distribute at our location. Abortion is still legal in Georgia. Our patients can still safely access our compassionate abortion care in Atlanta and our clinic escorts make that possible.


As a Champion you will receive 6 Tickets and will be listed on promotions. 

Invest in the fight for the future of Abortion Care  

$750 funds sophisticated efforts to effectively challenge recent unconstitutional state-level abortion restrictions bills. There are many currently pending state level restrictions in federal courts across the country—some of which could make their way to the United States Supreme Court. Our state is next. We expect the governor to sign HB 481 and then the battle goes to the courts. This year while abortion opponents focused their efforts on passing unconstitutional abortion in Georgia, our own dedicated lobbyist watched over all the bills that would affect our people from abortion restrictions, to a medicaid waiver, school policing and the successful anti-shackling law. With more investment to Advocacy and policy efforts, we’ll be able to set the stage to fight and win and continue to protect the future of abortion care in Georgia.  


As a Defender you will receive 4 Tickets and will be listed on promotions. 

Iniciativa Levantando las Voces Latinx (LLVI) Sex Education for Latinx youth:

$600 Funds culturally appropriate sex education for 30 Latinx youth for 1 semester at a local high school. These funds help our Lifting Latinx Voices Initiative program staff facilitate interactive workshops with students on sexual harassment, consent, reproductive health, sex education for a Latinx high school youth program. These funds help keep materials up to date, purchase supplies and notebooks for students and allow for one year end celebration.


As an Enthusiast you will receive 2 Tickets and will be listed on promotions. 

Dream Advocacy Day:

$300 funds our dream advocacy day enabling us to train the next generation of advocates with all the supplies we need. With well prepared advocates, trained by seasoned experts, we can ensure our leaders are equipped to protect our rights and create well orchestrated critical mass when it matters most. In 2019 already police reinforcement were brought in to intimidate our brave advocates, supporters and leaders. Safety training, adequate supplies, buttons, tote bags, and t-shirts help our advocates remain visible, safe and prepared while speaking out against injustice at the capital.