The 2018 legislative session is over, and we are proud of what we accomplished. For the fourth year in a row because of your support, no new abortion restrictions have been passed! This year we fought off attacks on abortion access for minors and a bill that would have made it much easier to sue abortion providers on groundless charges. But we didn’t stop there. We supported our friends in the immigrant rights community to help fight off racist efforts to brand drivers licenses for immigrants, banning licenses for undocumented drivers, and the especially xenophobic SB 452, which attempted to require law enforcement and courts to help ICE deport nearly all the undocumented people who interact with law enforcement.

Because you count on us, we also worked hard to bring more people to the Capitol. We hosted 3 advocacy days and participated in a large advocacy day hosted by a coalition of local reproductive justice organizations. We worked with that same coalition to bring you Woke Wednesday, a weekly gathering at the Capitol to provide a space for education and engagement that fits into the workday.

None of this could have been done without donors, supporters and our social justice partners at the Capitol. Everything we’ve achieved this year was achieved in collaboration with our friends at Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Planned Parenthood, and many more!

We also couldn’t have done it without you! Every single person who made a donation, called, emailed, showed up, shared our posts, and engaged with the legislative session- Thank You! This is what civic engagement in the South looks like. This is what victory looks like. All of our voices – especially yours – matter, and nothing we’ve done this year could have been accomplished without each and every one of you.

Often this work feels like we are only holding the line against injustice, but I can see a tangible vision of the progress we are making in providing leadership opportunities and growing a movement. And this is how we win.

Thank you for making this fight possible.

Psst. We are organizing a public hearing soon! Our elected officials wouldn’t hold a hearing for our Whole Women’s Health Act but we are doing it anyway-join us Saturday, May 19th when we feature this landmark policy at our informative event. Watch this space for more details!