Clinic Services

Clinic Patients

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Abortion Services

We provide safe, nonjudgmental and compassionate abortion care services. If you are pregnant and would like to consider your options – we are here to help and will support whatever decision you make.

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Sexual Health and Wellness

We provide a wide range of safe and affordable gynecological wellness services including annual exams, STI testing & treatment, birth control, pregnancy testing, etc. We are committed to making our services safe and welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Get Involved

Community Programs

Feminist Center is more than a clinic. We are a movement and you can join us. Through community education, grassroots organizing, public affairs and advocacy programs we work to advance reproductive health, rights and justice.

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We LOVE volunteers! Our volunteer program offers unique ways for you to contribute to our work of protecting and expanding access to reproductive healthcare.

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Feminist Center’s internship program is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to gain hands-on work experience in a reproductive health and rights organization. We have a wide range of opportunities every fall, spring and summer.

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Join us for an Unruly Night!

Join us on Friday, October 19th for our annual night of games, activism, and political misbehavin’ – this year with a 60s twist! With tons of carnival style games we’ll look at how far we’ve come since the social justice movements of the 60s, how far we haven’t come, and the little things each of us can do to stop us from going back. This will be a wild and fun way to get to know Feminist Women’s Health Center for the first time or to hang out with us for the hundredth time.

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